Young Forex Traders Found A Way To Profit From Inflation.

Want to trade forex? The good news is that it may now be simpler to profit than ever before.

It used to be nearly impossible to make a living trading forex. You either had to be part of a financial institution or have a team of people working for you to make it work.

Recently while traveling I met a group of young traders that had quit their jobs and were making a great full-time income trading forex.

After learning what they did for a living I had to ask what strategy they were using to profit.

Turns out that while the rest of us are hating the price of things increasing. These young men figured out a way to profit from inflation!

Profiting From Inflation

Instead of being frustrated at how much gas is at the pump, these young men are making an income from it.

Not only are they profiting from oil increasing, they can profit from pretty much anything. Do you consume bread? Milk? Meat? You guessed it.

Any of these can be used to profit from inflation with trading. These are called “commodities” and it’s basically the raw materials we all use on a daily basis to live.

Most people think you can only trade currencies as I have been doing for over 10 years now, but you can actually also trade commodities.

Some of the major commodities include oil, gas, corn, wheat, oranges, gold and others.

Full-time Traveler,
Part-Time Trader

I was able to sit with one of the travelers I met. Andrew Cob, a full-time trader told me:

“Before getting into forex trading, I thought you had to be a genius to be able to make a living from it.”

He continued “The truth is that is simpler than stocks because, obviously there is risk, but unlike stocks in forex trading your stock won’t end up crashing the next day you buy it.”

“The simplest way to understand how forex trading works is, what if you purchased 100 loaves of bread for $1 each and sold it to a grocery store for $1.50 each. Except with forex, you’re not buying anything physical, it’s all done on your computer from anywhere and you can buy anywhere from 100 to 1000 to 10,000 or more

“And just how it works at the grocery store sometimes the bread is cheaper than other days. So all we do is buy low and sell high.

A Skill You Can Use The Rest Of Your Life

I asked Andrew: In your opinion what is the fastest way for a brand new person to start profiting with forex trading? “Forex trading is a skill, just like riding a bike is a skill. At first you didn’t know then you started to know, then you got better, then it becomes automatic and you don’t even have to think about how to do it anymore” “You can’t expect to start forex trading and become a millionaire instantly. Nothing in life works like that. I started with very small accounts and quickly started growing those trades. Really it depends on you, how much will you apply yourself to learn this skill.” 

A Shortcut To Full-Time Income Trading Forex?

“Really if there is a shortcut, is to follow the trades that successful traders make. The person I learned trading from is Bob James, fortunately, he actually makes his daily trades available to those that want to learn which is invaluable. It’s pure gold!”

“It can easily take you 10+ years to have the results that he has, but he is actually showing his trades, which can shortcut your way to success big time. Basically do what he does and you can definitely start making a full-time income.”

I asked him: If someone wants to become a forex trader what can they do to start?

“Well if they want to check Bob James out and his course they can learn more on his website. That’s how I became a full-time traveler while trading forex part-time.“

In Conclusion:

Forex trading is one of the largest markets on earth, larger than the gold market in fact. If you learn how to trade forex it can be a skill you can use for the rest of your life, you can profit with forex until you are 99 years old if you wanted to. I’ve met people that were not able to retire until they learned forex trading and now just trade forex for a living.

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